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  The company self-developed the brand ORANGE D’OR and invited the famous French designer ERIC to take charge of it,

  he created a development and design professional team focus on quality and clothing details. 

  Thus combining current fashion trends and popular tastes to design elegant and exquisite garments.

  The famous French designer OLIVIER is the chief designer of the CLAIVAL brand, 

  his designs connect three essential concepts: fashion,

  romance and eternity in order to creating modern and classic garments.

  The BOOTY JEANS brand is developed by the company’s R&D department. Its focus on domestic and foreign markets, 

  e-commerce and serial designs such as casual wear, innovative and energetic young outfits,

  given the customers different dress experience.

  The S&V brand perfectly combined bright colors and light design concepts,

  creating eye catching products that reflect a new and visual impact,

  given a plenty variety to modern women’s wardrobe.


  The SASAEC is a brand with simple design concepts that create natural, 

  comfortable, casual and practical daily clothing.